Human rights

support for persons in detention

Contra Nocendi’s current work focuses our efforts largely on treatment in detention.


Against torture

or inhuman treatment

No person may be exposed to acts of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


Pro Bono

A legal clinic

Our Cameroon section hosts a pro bono legal clinic in Buea that provides advice to persons in detention as well as persons who may have concerns about detention.


Our Organisation

We are a Paris-based international human rights NGO with a Section in Cameroon that works to promote the advancement and protection of human rights in Africa by working with local partner organisations

Our Mission

Contra Nocendi International stands up for victims of human rights abuses in Africa. We monitor and investigate human rights abuses with meticulous precision and tenaciously pursue accountability. We stand shoulder to shoulder with human rights defenders to uphold the dignity of all persons. 

Our partners

We work closely with partner organisations, government officials and activists to facilitate the necessary respect for human rights. We also works to help augment the monitoring capacities of local NGOs.

Our values

Our NGO stands firmly behind the prohibition of discrimination and does not discriminate based on sex, age, gender, religious affiliation, nationality, ethnic background, culture, Language, ...

Contra Nocendi is working in collaboration with our section in Cameroon to provide a law clinic in the city of Buea in the Southwest region of Cameroon. The law clinic will supervised by lawyers from the Cameroon section of Contra Nocendi. The clinic will provide support for persons in detention.

Lire plus

Our work in Burundi is focused on supporting a Monitoring and Development Consortium for treatment in detention in partnership with Burundian NGOs. The Consortium will focus on providing reliable monitoring of detention centers as regular intervals to assess the standards of treatment for persons in detention in light on international human rights norms

Lire plus

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We thank you for taking the opportunity to view our site and learn a bit more about what we do. We are in the process of fully developing our site and we hope you continue to check back with us regularly. Soon our site will be available in French as well as in English. We will strive to make sure all information in made available in both languages.

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