Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Contra Nocendi International stands up for victims of human rights abuses in Africa. We monitor and investigate human rights abuses with meticulous precision, and tenaciously pursue accountability. We stand shoulder to shoulder with human rights defenders to uphold the dignity of all persons.


 Our Vision

At Contra Nocendi, our vision is to promote protection of human rights in a way that is inclusive of local organizations in the countries we work. We envision a world where human rights are protected and promoted and all citizens, especially those who are underprivileged, have access to fair legal aid and services.



About Us

Contra Nocendi is a Paris-based international human rights NGO committed to promoting the rights of all persons irrespective of race, ethnicity, social standing, economic background, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, age, physical mobility, political affiliation, religious affiliation or any other grounds prohibited by international human rights law. 


We work closely with partner organisations, government officials and activists. Based in Paris, our organisation is currently working in Cameroon and Burundi. 



How We Work 

Contra Nocendi relies on a team of staff and a team of volunteers from around the world.






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