Contra Nocendi marks international day in support of victims of torture

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As we mark the international day in support of victims of torture, We at Contra Nocendi International and Contra Nocendi Cameroon wish to re-iterate our support for victims of torture. Both organisations have vigorously supported victims of torture while advocating for more steps to be taken to prevent torture and more steps to be taken to hold perpetrators of torture accountable. This is a fight we will continue and do so with pride.


Earlier this year, Contra Nocendi Cameroon staff were involved in an intervention to help a minor held in pre-trial detention in Buea. The young man showed signs of physical trauma that truly troubled our experienced lawyers, but unfortunately CN Cameroon’s staff have seen issues like this before. His suffering was such that he was transferred from detention to a hospital. While we are unbelievably proud that the intervention led to the release of this young man, he should have never be exposed to such torture in the first place.


As part of the Universal Periodic Review for Cameroon, Contra Nocendi Cameroon and Contra Nocendi International called on the government of Cameroon to establish an independent mechanism for the prevention of torture. We will continue to push the government of Cameroon to take active steps to provide practical and durable protections against torture.


On this day, we tell all victims of torture that we hear you and we will continue to fight for you.