Contra Nocendi marks World Humanitarian Day

Contra Nocendi Cameroon and Contra Nocendi International stand up to take note of World Humanitarian Day. The day signifies the great work and contributions made by aid workers who risk their lives in pursuit of humanitarian services and garner support for people suffering in crisis situations and crossfires around the world.  

Contra Nocendi also endorses the campaign theme for this year’s World Humanitarian Day, which is the #NotATarget movement, whereby world leaders are being urged to do their best to protect civilians caught in armed conflicts around the world.   

While marking this important day, the United Nations also draws attention to people living in cities and towns who don’t have access to food, water and a roof over their heads because of the fighting going on in their regions, because of which they are also displaced from their homes. War situations are badly affecting women and children in several countries, with children being recruited to fight and women being assaulted and humiliated endlessly. When humanitarian workers try to deliver help in the form of aid and medical workers tend to the wounded and sick they face threats, and are not allowed to bring relief to the badly affected victims.  

Workers in such regions, against all odds, struggle to provide aid to those in need. But they continue to suffer from violence and attacks and we acknowledge their sacrifice on this important day.  

Contra Nocendi stands up to support these workers trying their best to alleviate the pains of victims in conflict zones globally, as they put their lives on line to help fellow human beings. We stand up not only for civilians, but also for people with disabilities, migrants, journalists and the elderly too.  

On this day, we also call on the global community, especially leaders to protect and safeguard the interests of people caught in armed conflict, and we would like to assert that civilians are #NotATarget.  

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