Contra Nocendi stands up for the rights of victims on the first International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

On the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, we at Contra Nocendi take a moment to remember all the people who are struggling to get their voices heard after being harmed and violated by terrorist attacks around the world. The international day is being marked for the first time in 2018.  

The United Nations has recognized August 21 as the annual day to remember the victims of terrorism in five of its Member States Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria.  

Terrorism is one of the most gruesome and difficult issue that the world is facing currently. Not only is it posing a threat to world peace, it is destroying millions of lives around the world with the growing number of attacks. The UN has recognized that victims of terrorism find themselves forgotten and neglected and, their voices ignored as soon as the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack passes. Such neglect has deep consequences for the victims, who have several medium and long-term needs that must be met in order to completely recover and get back to being part of the society.  

On this day, Contra Nocendi Cameroon and Contra Nocendi International recognize the needs of terrorism victims and the support they require to recover physically, emotionally, socially and financially to heal and live a life of dignity. Contra Nocendi also upholds the human rights of the victims and supports all stakeholders working toward promoting, protecting and respecting their rights.  

According to the UN’s sixth review resolution, it is important to build the resilience of victims and their families by providing them with support and assistance immediately after a terrorist attack. This is a very important step in the long term, to recognize that resilient victims are less vulnerable to attacks and could heal and recover sooner after suffering an attack.  

At Contra Nocendi, we recognize and support all the needs of terrorism victims and stand in solidarity with them and their families and all communities that are plagued with wars and violence globally.  

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