CNI partners with French university law clinic to monitor treatment in detention

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In an effort to promote human rights awareness and educational opportunities, Contra Nocendi International and Contra Nocendi Cameroon has launched a partnership with French university, Université Grenoble Alpes’ (UGA) law clinic in September 2019, La Clinique juridique en droit des libertés (Clinidroit). The Law clinic is a social and educational project, which aims to provide law students with a practical experience, by facilitating their engagement with legal experts and practitioners. 


With a focus on treatment in detention in Cameroon, the partnership with Contra Nocendi provides opportunity that expose law students to the reality of pre-trial detention in Cameroon, help them develop a firmer understanding of international human rights law applicable to treatment in detention, expose them to the practical application of human rights law and provide them with an expanded understanding of career opportunities and pathways for students interested in international human rights law.


This project is the first of its kind for Contra Nocendi International and Contra Nocendi Cameroon, and both organisations are excited about the prospect of working with such an esteemed university. We believe that the project will be a win-win for all. We are confident that this will be the start of a very beneficial relationship for CNI, CN Cameroon and the University.


The project is part of Contra Nocendi’s larger effort to promote the respect of human rights in places of detention and ensure that torture in all its forms is eradicated.