Contra Nocendi International Condemns School Attack in Kumba, Cameroon

On Saturday 24 October 2020 gunmen stormed a school in Kumba, Cameroon (link to indiscriminately killing and injuring more than a dozen children. Contra Nocendi strongly condemns this brazen attack, part of a cycle of ongoing intimidation of and violence against civilians in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest regions.  


Attacks, violence, intimidation and threats to schools carried out by separatists have forced thousands of schools to close, with many lying in ruins.  According to Unicef, 80% of schools were shut in in 2019, 74 destroyed and more than 600,000 children affected by the school ban.   


CNI is now working with local NGOs to gather more information and support local civil society.


Contra Nocendi International dedicates a significant portion of its work to protecting the rights of the child. We have worked with other NGOs to raise awareness for serious human rights violations that impact children including the right to education and the prohibition on making schools and children a target of an attack under international law.


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