A look at Burundi’s ASODECOM

A significant part of our work done here at Contra Nocendi International is done in collaboration with partners on the ground. One such organisation is ASODECOM (Action Solidaire pour le Développement Communautaire) from Ngozi, Burundi. ASODECOM is a civil society organisation in Burundi that engages in human rights and development issues through programs, advice andadvocacy.

International Women Day 2016

Happy celebration to every Women on this 8 March 2016!


Let’s not forget in our thoughts all the women currently living in detention centres, for whom Contra Nocendi dedicates an important part of its work.

International Day against Homophobia

Today we still live in a world where part of the population is marginalized and judged because of its orientation and / or gender identity.

On this International Day against Homophobia, Contra Nocendi reiterates its intention to redouble efforts to better protect the rights of LGBT people living in detention on the African continent.

Why we focus on treatment in detention in Burundi and Cameroon

Below is the English version of this release. The French version shall be available shortly.

Contra Nocendi’s current work focuses our efforts largely on treatment in detention in Burundi and Cameroon. While this work may have some negative connotations linked to the idea of providing support for persons who are in detention centers, these connotations may mislead observers as to the purpose and need for such support.

Contra Nocendi officially registered in France

Contra Nocendi is happy to announce that we have been officially registered as a non-profit association in France. We are registered under the law of associations 1901, which is similar to Charity status in the United Kingdom and 501c3 status in the United States. We are very excited about 2016 and we hope that you will join us and support our work in Burundi and Cameroon.

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