Our work in Burundi is focused on supporting a Monitoring and Development Consortium for treatment in detention in partnership with Burundian NGOs. The Consortium will focus on providing reliable monitoring of detention centers as regular intervals to assess the standards of treatment for persons in detention in light on international human rights norms and the applicable domestic provisions on treatment in detention.

The partner NGOs will meet regularly to discuss the findings of human rights monitors’ visits to detention centers. Government representatives will be invited to these meeting in order to facilitate and continue an open dialogue about issues that arise and to encourage discourse an a non-adversarial forum.

Additionally, we will be assisting Burundian NGOs as they provide educational sessions for members of the public to raise awareness on the rights of persons in detention. This will include not only international human rights norms, but norms prescribed by Burundian law as well. The Consortium will also engage the relevant government officials to provide any necessary support in facilitating training sessions of police officers and judicial staff in order to make such norms more practically effective.

The Consortium will look to provide a detailed report freely available to the public based on the observations and findings of the visits to the detention centers and the interactions with other key stakeholders. The report will include concrete and comprehensive recommendations for furthering the practical effectiveness of protections provided for persons in detention.

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