Contra Nocendi International collaborates with our section in Cameroon to provide a law clinic in the city of Buea in the Southwest region of Cameroon. The law clinic is supervised by lawyers from the Cameroon section of Contra Nocendi and have been very successful in seeking the release of persons being held in pre-trial detention. This partnership is currently working on expanding to a full time clinic with office space that will expand our capacity to provide more services to more persons in need.

The clinic is augmented by an educational program which provide local residents with advice on the right to counsel and local lawyers about the international human rights law applicable to situations of detention. This has included a workshop done in collaboration with the local office of the national human rights commission. The educational program is working to expand to including programming with the local university to provide an outreach program to encourage newly admitted lawyers to choose the human rights field of law.

We work with local authorities where possible to engage in dialogue to promote the full respect for the rights afforded to persons in detention as well as to collaborate on education programming that provides local residents with a greater awareness of their human rights. 






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