We are always touched and appreciative when someone approaches Contra Nocendi International to volunteer. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable and that is important to understand how special it is to have people willing to donate their time to help support the aims and goals of Contra Nocendi International. We generally focus on what we like to refer to as recruiting “experteers”. This is when an interested person with notable professional experience in a certain field is willing to donate their time and skills within the specific field to help meet a specific need for Contra Nocendi International or to volunteer their knowledge and expertise as a volunteer consultant. Short term experteer positions, when available, will be listed on the United Nations Volunteers Online Volunteering Service. Links to our opportunities on the UNV Online Volunteering Service will be provided here as they become available. More longer term experteer opportunities, when they are available, are generally listed on our website and on Idealist.

We do this to centralise our volunteer recruiting process in order to make sure the process is conducted in an objective manner and in line with our operating principle of non-discrimination. The service also affords us the opportunity to provide certificates of appreciation for volunteers who complete a minimum commitment as well as potentially allowing us to nominate exceptional volunteers for UNV awards. For longer term voluntary service, we try to individualize the recognition of the person. Please note that all experteer/volunteer opportunities are applied for and undertaken with a clear understanding that Contra Nocendi is not currently in a position to provide any remuneration of any kind for volunteers. Most volunteer opportunities will be available remotely unless otherwise expressly noted in the relevant volunteer opportunity announcement.


We are currently working on a restructuring of our internship program for the Summer and Fall semesters. Contra Nocendi International will administer its internship programme directly and will apply appropriate recruitment and educational support for the Contra Nocendi Cameroon internship program. Full details will be provided as soon as they are finalised. Please note that Contra Nocendi and Contra Nocendi Cameroon are not in the position to provide any remuneration or financial support of any kind in relation to internships. Depending on the available resources of Contra Nocendi Cameroon at the time of the internship, support may be provided in organising accommodation in Buea and transport from Douala to Buea. Details of any internship will be clearly communicated to perspective interns early in the process. We suggest that potential interns do not make any purchases and incur any expenses related to their potential internship with Contra Nocendi and/or Contra Nocendi Cameroon prior to the execution of an internship agreement.

Pro Bono

For human rights lawyers interested in being included on our pro bono support list, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Lawyers are expected to have a first degree in law with an active license to practice in their respective jurisdiction. Lawyers without an active license will be expected to have an LLM along with a first degree in law. PhD candidates in law who have a first degree, but not an LLM will be treated as being eligible for the pro bono support list upon submission of proof of completing two years of their PhD program. This can include proof of ABD from the relevant faculty or a letter from your dissertation supervisor or the Dean/Department Chair of your Department or Faculty. Applications without a CV and a covering letter clearly stating your motivations and the applicability of your experience will not be considered. Please note that placement on the pro bono list is in no way meant to be construed as creating any sort of formal relationship between the person being listed and Contra Nocendi International. In no way can the placement on the list or the engagement of pro bono services be construed or interpreted as creating a promise or obligation to provide remuneration. Any request for pro bono service is done with no promise of remuneration of any kind nor any promise or insinuation of future remuneration of any kind.

Please note that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is for the sole purpose of facilitating inquires and applications from legal professionals interested in providing pro bono support for Contra Nocendi International on an as needed basis. Our legal staff does not act as a private law firm and is unable to provide legal advice to the general public. Contacting Contra Nocendi International does not create an attorney-client relationship and in no way should any communication or correspondence with Contra Nocendi International be construed in any way as creating an attorney-client relationship nor should the contents of any such correspondence or communications be viewed as provided under attorney-client privilege.

There are may be many areas of expertise which could be beneficial to Contra Nocendi 

If you feel that you have expertise to provide Contra Nocendi and your expertise is not directly addressed above, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We recognise that there is a vast array of areas of expertise that could be beneficial to Contra Nocendi and human rights in general. We welcome your suggestions and offers of support.

If for any reason during any recruiting process you are concerned about the objectivity of the process or if you have concerns of discriminatory behaviour in the recruitment process, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start the subject of the email with ‘COMPLIANCE:’ . This will be flagged for a review and will be handled accordingly.


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