CNI is looking for a Jr Advocacy Associate (volunteer)

Contra Nocendi International is looking for a new volunteer junior advocacy associate to help support the work of CN Cameroon. The role would be an ideal opportunities for graduate students and doctoral students looking for more practical experience. We are open to a wide array of applications so long as the applicant has the necessary qualifications.

Brief description:

The Junior Advocacy Associate-Cameroon position for Contra Nocendi is designed to assist the Contra Nocendi Cameroon team and Contra Nocendi International team with advocacy support for issues uncovered in the field. This role would be a good opportunity for a graduate student or highly motivated undergraduate student with good rights skills and research skills to develop hands on experience with human rights. This role is a voluntary role.


– Bachelor’s degree in law or other social sciences.

– 1-2 years previous working experience (preferably with NGOs or other civil society or-ganizations). This can be other voluntary work or placement schemes.

– Availability to work independently and meet deadlines.

– Professional candor and respect for the proper handling of sensitive material and con-versations.

– Fluent English.

– Ability to work as part of a diverse team that includes embracing gender fairness and LGBTIQ+/SOGIE rights. This is a must!

– Desirable: Speaks French, experience and/or course work in public international law and/or human rights.


To discharge their duties, The Junior Advocacy Associate should be able to perform the following tasks:

Observational skills: The FRA needs to be able to work in a highly accurate manner, paying close attention to detail and keeping records of their work.

Communication: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Given the importance and sensitive nature of the tasks and information collected, the Junior Advocacy Associate must reflect emotional intelligence, friendliness, confidence, empathy, respect, open-mindedness, and compassion. Prison monitoring is sensitive and requires gender friendly approaches and good communication so as to promote the respect of the human dignity of the subjects.

Administrative skills: Effective time-management skills to meet project deadlines and accomplish your goals; Prepare, present, and write technical reports.


– Regular advocacy focused releases

– Regular contact with Contra Nocendi Cameroon staff

– Research as requested

Note: This role is a voluntary position without remuneration due to funding constraints. This role may be held remotely. Applicants must have the right to work in Cameroon if they are based in Cameroon.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter of not more than 2 pages addressing your motivation for the role and how you fit the requirements for the role along with an updated copy of your CV to